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Shelter is an organisation with a revenue of £60 million and over 1,000 employees. They call themselves a housing and homeless charity, although they do not provide housing. They fundraise around the country, as well as obtaining funding from central government. Shelter regularly vilify the private rental sector and use their advisors to circumvent evictions, by landlords around the country.  The overwhelming majority of evictions are for a very good reason, most often for anti-social behaviour or rent arrears. Landlords do not evict good tenants without reason. These tenants are valued customers and very often good friends. Shelter’s misguided policy of attempting to keep delinquent tenants in situ incurs further costs for landlords. At the end of the day, the tenant will be evicted in accordance with the law and shelter is only prolonging the inevitable.

This is morally wrong and we do not intend to stand by and allow an organisation which calls its self a charity to continue in this mode.  We intend to call out Shelter at every available opportunity until such time as Shelter respect the fact that the vast majority of landlords are not “Criminal Landlords” and furthermore accept the fact that the majority of evictions, take place for a very good reason.  We will work to ensure that the general public is made aware of the modus operandi of this organisation, and they can then make an informed decision as to whether they wish to donate their hard earned cash to such a charity. The chief executive of Shelter currently earns in excess of £120k pa.

Finally, we would like to state that there are many excellent charities to which the public can donate to.

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