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The National Landlords Alliance will work to get a level playing field (to use Council parlance). At the moment it is far from a level playing field and that is not the fault of the majority of our decent tenants. The blame for this can be laid squarely at the door of hostile headline-grabbing media and organisations such as Shelter, who continually attempt to frustrate the eviction of delinquent tenants and call for the abolition of section 21, by blaming the homeless problem on evil landlords evicting good paying tenants on a whim. Utter tosh.

We will campaign for the abolition of Shelter and the redirection of their £60 million budget.

The UK government has embarrassed itself by attempting to rewrite the international rules of accountancy. Even third world despots accept that one should only pay tax on profits. This stupid ill-informed move by the now former MP Osborne has decimated the vibrant rental sector. Those who continually whine about landlords must accept the reality that no other sector is taxed on gross turn over, without an allowance for costs. In this instance finance costs. It is a tax too far which undermines confidence and reduces the supply of rented accommodation.

Croydon Council has become the first Council to call for the abolition of Section 21. To remove this is to restrict property owners in how they deal with their asset. It is an attack on all property owners. It is the thin end of the wedge. We will campaign non stop to educate on the sheer folly of this proposal. Section 21 is there for a reason. Good tenants do not get evicted. We therefore urge Landlords in Croydon, NOT to accept housing benefit tenants. Do not be bullied by Croydon into accepting DSS tenants. We are not saying discriminate, on the contrary, give ordinary hardworking taxpayers the chance of a home. Minimise your engagement with Croydon Council. Let Croydon understand in no uncertain terms, that an attack on us by attempting to undermine property rights, will have severe consequences.

Croydon, remember it is our money, our pension, our investment, our asset and we will do with that asset as we please. The Alliance would advise Croydon, to ensure that it has adequate accommodation available for its social tenants.

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