The current system for evicting delinquent/rogue tenants is not fit for purpose. At one end we have taxpayer money in the form of Shelter/CAB, protecting rent defaulters by trying to frustrate the legal system any way they can. Landlords on occasions make errors on Court documentation, this in turn assists rent defaulters remain in situ. We also have rogue local authorities advising delinquent tenants not to vacate, “until the bailiff arrives”. With respect to the actual order granted, the tenant is not required to vacate until the court bailiff arrives and as the courts are backlogged this can take weeks. As an alternative, a landlord may get the order enforced by the High Court. This is not only expensive but where a Landlord has to chase a tenant for costs those same costs will fall back on the tenant. A simple solution which could be implemented immediately would be to allow all certificated enforcement agents to enforce possession orders. At a stroke, the order granted by the court becomes real. The tenant knows their vacation date, court backlogs are cleared and tenants cost are mitigated, as they will not be on the hook for High court costs. In the meantime, we urge landlords to check, check and check again documentation relating to evictions. If in doubt, employ a solicitor to issue section 21 notices and represent you in court. The rogue tenant will have Shelter funded by the taxpayer. Do not skimp. If in doubt get legal assistance. It will be cheaper in the long run.

The Alliance is working to establish a national network of solicitors to assist with evictions/paperwork/court appearances. We will not receive any benefit. We are not selling services like other organisations. Our only interest is that eviction proceedings are 100% successful in future. Let us stop rogue tenants and Shelter gaming the system, by closing dubious loopholes. The best way for most landlords not familiar with the system is to employ expert legal advice.

The Alliance will counter negative media coverage. Current landlord organisations have presided over the most hostile media coverage ever for the sector. We will work to ensure that the facts are presented and hysteria is checked.

Selective Licensing is a con. It is a tax. Councils hold consultations before introducing their schemes. It is worth noting that the founder of Landlord referencing, managed to stop this scheme being introduced in his area.

Local Authorities hold consultations. The HA 2004 mandates the consultation process, so councils, in order to introduce their schemes, must hold these sham consultations. The consultations mean nothing and we aim to expose and fight Councils on this issue.

Landlords who are members can access member-only pages for further information on selective licensing. No more bully boy tactics from Councils. We will show these bodies, that in order to have a partnership with Landlords they must respect rather than threaten and bully. Members will be empowered, and Councils will sit up and take notice as their licensing schemes will be shown up as nothing more than a tax, which penalises tenants.

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This was what happened in the Irish Republic after a few years of clause 24 style tax measures against landlords (which wasn't as draconian as clause 24) - they found there was a much decreased #housing supply and the government was forced to reverse the tax measures.

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