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Shelter The Housing Charity

Shelter is an organisation with a revenue of £60 million and over 1,000 employees. They call themselves a housing and homeless charity, although they do not provide housing. They fundraise around the country, as well as obtaining funding from central government. Shelter regularly vilify the private rental sector and use their advisors to circumvent evictions, […]


Homes Fitness For Human Habitation Bill

This legislation will now go on the statute books. This Bill was advanced by Karen Buck Labour MP. We can use this piece of legislation to our advantage. From our point of view, because of selective licensing, we have nothing to fear from the Bill. Local authorities, however, will be compelled to maintain their housing stock to […]



The current system for evicting delinquent/rogue tenants is not fit for purpose. At one end we have taxpayer money in the form of Shelter/CAB, protecting rent defaulters by trying to frustrate the legal system any way they can. Landlords on occasions make errors on Court documentation, this in turn assists rent defaulters remain in situ. […]


National Landlord Alliance – Why we are here

The National Landlords Alliance will work to get a level playing field (to use Council parlance). At the moment it is far from a level playing field and that is not the fault of the majority of our decent tenants. The blame for this can be laid squarely at the door of hostile headline-grabbing media […]


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