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The Alliance was set up in Response to the attacks on the PRS. 

A vibrant rental sector is vital to the economy. No sane person could want a return to the situation prior to the liberation of the market, where tenants were stuck in accommodation with little alternative. We have all seen examples of council ghettoes. We will not dwell on Grenfell, but another horror story is the situation where it was discovered that a social housing provider had failed to obtain gas safe certificates for 1000 dwellings. Yes 1000 families, put at risk as the authorities stood idly by, screaming about rogue landlords in the private sector. It is wrong and frankly insulting to every tenant, that these lies are being spewed to cover for politicians failures. Rent Controls, Longer tenancies, the abolition of a property owner’s right to recover his property all make for a failed sector. We are rapidly heading that way.

The Alliance, however, has realistic and practical proposals to arrest the decline of the sector, to boost supply and choice and to keep rents competitive.

Here is our 6 point plan, which we urge lawmakers to implement as a matter of urgency.

1/ Follow the example of the Irish Government and immediately reverse section 24 which has been proven not to work. This measure also has the advantage of returning the UK to normal internationally recognised accountancy standards, rather than the UK being a ‘rogue state’ which taxes non-income.

2/Abolish the petty restrictions preventing the issue of Section 21.

3/Acknowledge and accept the reality, that the overwhelming majority of landlords are taxpayers, and withdraw funding from Shelter the Housing charity, which does not provide housing. Redirect the £60 Million Shelter budget to provide accommodation for the needy.

4/ Housing benefit must be paid directly to Landlords from the inception of a claim. This will immediately cut down on arrears, by offering landlords certainty and prevent evictions for rent defaults. This is basic common sense. What the hell are politicians playing at?

5/Scrap the Selective licensing regime. It is an unmitigated disaster. It benefits nobody except councils, who extort large fees from landlords, who then are forced to jack up rents. There is more than enough legislation on the books, environmental regulations etc, to deal with housing issues.

Furthermore, the new ‘Homes Fitness for Human Habitation bill’, fully addresses the issues of standards in the rental sector. This bill, therefore, should supersede the rotten selective licensing regime, which is nothing more than a tax grab by local authorities.

Larry Sweeney
National Landlords Alliance

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