Welcome to the National Landlords Alliance

We are different

No selling Courses

No cheap carpets or smoke detectors

No selling out to Councils

Our tax relief gone.
We are now taxed on Turnover.

  • New stamp duty rates to fill the coffers of Governments, devoid of any plans which do not include taxation increases.
  • Selective Licensing schemes spreading across the country, introduced on the back of sham consultations. Liverpool proves this point.
  • Selective licensing introduced on the back of a gigantic lie.
  • The Lawmakers stated that the entire city was an area of low demand, in order to foist their revenue raising scheme, upon the city.
Insulting in the extreme.
  • Petty regulations such as failing to give a tenant a copy of an EPC, (available on line to anybody) renders the Section 21 process invalid.
  • Yes. Landlords you cannot recover your property on a Section 21, if you forget to give a tenant a copy of the EPC, even if you have the actual EPC in place.
  • Talk of 3 year tenancies, and abolishing Section 21 completely.
  • Civil penalties, £30k fine without due process.
  • Shelter, the so called housing charity which does not supply housing, but sucks in £60 million, between tax payers cash and donations, and whose CEO pockets in excess £120k pa, attacking landlords daily making stupid false and inflammatory statements, giving the impression that Landlords using Section 21 to recover their properties from rent defaulters, are responsible for the Housing crisis.
What about the Courts – HMCTS a sham

Judges pretend to administer justice handing down worthless orders. The possession order often includes judgement for arrears and a daily charge for sitting in the property until the 14 days expire.

Here is the reality for the Judiciary who perhaps do not fully grasp the situation…

…’The landlord plaintiff has waited months without rent to get to court. He has paid HMCTS for the hearing. He gets the possession order but the tenant laughs at the stupid system and stays put rent free. The court bailiff is months behind and the order for unpaid rent is worth less than a toilet roll at the local spar

It looks great on paper but is absolutely meaningless. We are here to educate and fight back.

It is your property.
  • We will not discriminate against hard working tax paying citizens.
  • Unfortunately, because of the attitude of the local authorities towards landlords, our advice if possible is to avoid renting properties to housing benefits tenants.
  • Politicians are now going to find, that the vitriol they have directed towards the PRS, will cause mayhem, rent increases and shortages.
  • Together, we can make the Alliance the voice of landlords.

The take up so far has been nothing short of incredible, but we need even greater numbers. We cannot do it without you!

Join an organisation that is in your corner. Forget political correctness, we say it how it is, and it most definitely is not satisfactory. No more bullying by councils. The Alliance will back members on real issues.


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